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Back to the future of content marketing

Back to the future of Content Marketing looked at how B2B brands can create content that cuts through, launching Raconteur's research into how over 500 European C-suites consume content. The event also covered the strategic principles for great work and how AI will change the future of marketing.

As a part of Raconteur Custom Publishing’s ongoing event series, this breakfast briefing brought together leaders in marketing, communications in media to explore how brands can create engaging and commercially impactful content programmes.

Carrie Osman, CRUXY & CO

'The dark roots of content'

Freddie Ossberg, Raconteur

'Your content is stuck in the land of bland'

Jeremy Waite, IBM

'The future of content will build itself'

Like with any audience segment, understanding their needs, likes and dislikes is key to creating a successful brand experience for them. Our CEO & Founder Freddie Ossberg gave an update on the present state of content consumption from our latest research on the content preferences of 500 European C‐suites. You can learn more and access the full study here.

We also covered the strategic principles that form the basis for successful content marketing, led by CRUXY & CO founder and Chief Provocatuer Carrie Osman. Fifteen years ago content, social and digital didn’t exist — now if you type ‘content’ into Google there are 620 million attempts to answer it. But what has really changed in light of everything seeming so… different?

Jeremy Waite, Evangelist at IBM, gave us a preview of the future of content marketing with a stunning demo of IBM Watson, and explored how AI will change content marketing.