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High performance content

In September 2015, Raconteur hosted 60 senior marketers at The Ivy to discuss what high performance content looks like and what it entails in terms of process. The main driver behind this topic is that a number of our clients had communicated that whilst they were finally getting more adept at creating ‘engaging’ content – or content at volumes of regularity that helped with ‘front-of-mind’, they were still missing the major divide between great and good content.

In our opinion, the difference is shown by whose marketing demonstrates real authority, command and expertise – and therefore who is looked to as a trusted source of information and analysis on a particular area or subject matter. Responsible for creating a differentiated position in the market, it comes down to marketers not to stand out – but to stand above – competitors.

Thomas Brown

Former Marketing Director, CIM

Sammy Tatla

Former Marketing Manager, CIM

Paul Everett

Director of Strategy, The Marketing Practice

Simon Davies

Managing Director, Quartz

Our triple keynotes from Simon Davies (Quartz), Thomas Brown and Sammy Todd (CIM), and Paul Everett (The Marketing Practice) outlined how authority, high‐quality production, and a focus on ROI help brands ensure they are on‐track for producing high performance content.