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Getting internal buy‐in for content marketing

In October 2014, Raconteur hosted 60 senior marketers and brand strategists at Home House in London to discuss the difficulties many marketers face selling-in large-scale content marketing projects to other senior business decision-makers.

The audience of marketers agreed that though they themselves have bought into the value-add and ROI of content marketing, the effort it takes to get fellow C-suite leaders to have the imagination, foresight and mix-of “buy-in” and “hands-off” in order to execute content initiatives, is burning too much time and money.

Craig Welch

CMO, Wood Mackenzie

Aimee Peters

Head of Marketing, HSBC

Greg Satell

Contributor, Harvard Business Review

Our panellists Craig Welch (Wood Mackenzie), Aimee Peters (HSBC) and Greg Satell talked through the most successful and practical to get support from senior executives. Amidst talk of editorial strategies for brands and what engaging content actually means, advice about outcomes‐driven internal selling featured very heavily. For example, recognition that sales teams are using marketing material in their discussions and processes helps get internal buy‐in and budget authorisation.

The panellists also advised our audience to help C‐suites think about the long‐term ROI of content marketing investment, whilst simultaneously getting a core group of senior individuals within the business bought into the project through their own participation and ideation.

A mix of advice and strategies were shared, plus a convincing ‘go big or ‘go home’ attitude to kick‐start top ideas for how to make the ‘internal sell’ work. The rest comes when stakeholders from across the business, the industry, the client dream list – and even competitors – come with their congratulations and applause, and their envy for your strategy.