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Putting research at the heart of content

On 3 March 2016, Raconteur hosted 60 senior marketers and brand strategists for an invitation-only evening at The Ritz, London, to discuss the role of research within content marketing. The gathering shed light on the significance of long-term educational and research-based content, over traditional sales-based approaches.

The audience were led through the process of carrying out research-based content marketing, from primary methodologies to identifying the variables that carry the most value, as well as educating stakeholders through original research.

Mike Rocha

Global Director, Interbrand

Paul Lee

Partner, Deloitte

Anthony Belloir

Practice Leader, CEB

Our panel of speakers included Mike Rocha (Interbrand), Paul Lee (Deloitte) and Anthony Belloir (CEB). The industry leaders covered topics that included growing your brand, engaging the C‐suite and gaining commercial insight. A major suggestion was to start small, by building a business case internally for investing in original research and then launching more regularly, or at larger scale when the project has gained enough internal support and momentum. Additionally, attendees were advised to create distinctive marketing‐orientated research that lent itself to conversations and had the potential to turn heads in a crowded marketplace. In order to do this, a research project would need to delve into an unexplored topic or present findings that up‐end current thinking.

Finally, all speakers stressed that ‘brand’ no longer connotes a ‘product’, but rather an ‘experience’, and that research had the power to communicate this important nuance to prospects.