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The 2019 Content Marketing Handbook

Trailblazing B2B brands from Adobe to HubSpot, Salesforce and beyond have transformed their businesses with content marketing in recent years – and yours can, too. This guide will arm you with the concepts you need to join them by outlining the three disciplines every content marketer must master: PART 1 traces the path from business goals to marketing goals to content… Access Full Report

Effective Campaign Planning for B2B Marketers

The best content campaigns distribute the right content, through the right channels, at the right time. Unfortunately, the traditional marketing funnel is no longer the best tool for the job. Marketers today need to design a new model to effectively meet their customers’ needs… Access Full Report

The Five Pillars of Content Strategy

You’re almost four times more likely to deliver successful content initiatives if you have a proper strategy in place. Like a house built on sand, a content campaign without the right foundations will ultimately collapse. So, this guide covers everything you need to give your campaigns the best chances of success. It outlines how to build content initiatives that drive business… Access Full Report

Driving B2B Lead Generation with Research

B2B buyers are hungry for credible insights about their industry – and original research is one of the best ways to feed that hunger. Providing customers with research‐led insights establishes your brand as a thought leader in your industry. It empowers your team to drive the sales conversation. And it helps show business leaders why they should care about the unique… Access Full Report

Marketing to the C‑suite

Influencing company decision makers is the Holy Grail for B2B marketers. But engaging this time‐poor and discerning audience is a notoriously hard task. To discover what sets high performance branded content apart from the rest, Raconteur surveyed the content habits of 500 European C‐suites. Our research reveals a clear roadmap to influencing the C‐suite in four simple steps. Download our findings today… Access Full Report

2018 Content Marketing Blueprint

Only 34 per cent of B2B marketers say their strategy is helping them achieve their content marketing goals, according to the CMI’s 2017 B2B Marketing Benchmark report. Why do so many businesses fall short of their objectives? Many launch their strategies without knowing what success looks like. Failing to identify customer pain points can be an issue and you must know… Access Full Report

The Elusive C‑suite

To discover what business leaders really think about your content, Raconteur surveyed over 500 European C‐suites. This extensive study revealed some surprising results, with serious implications for the way marketers engage with company execs. C‐suite members are hungry for the right kind of content, and will actively research new sources themselves. But our research also reveals that 71 per cent of executives… Access Full Report