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  • Client: Ayming
  • Sector: Business Consultancy
  • Project type: Research
  • Format: Print

A propriety research report that positions Ayming as an authority on the current and future opportunities for procurement and operations performance.

Ayming is a business performance consultancy with expertise in implementing results-driven strategies for procurement and the supply chain. The brand wanted to raise awareness of their new service offering in operations performance while at the same time gain and share insight into blind spots in the procurement industry which CPOs and CEOs may be unaware of.

The project

Raconteur surveyed 200 c-suite executives across sectors at companies with a turnover of £250m+ to establish how procurement professionals manage organisation models, implement technology and deliver value through their department. The survey revealed the sectors seeing the greatest value driven from the procurement function and highlighted those in need of greater internal alignment and strategic planning.

In addition to the proprietary research, Raconteur conducted interviews with leading procurement professionals to further qualify the results and underline their practical application.

The results were translated into a detailed data-driven printed report with a clear call to action for procurement teams resting on their laurels: procurement has a more important part to play in business strategy than cost savings. It must strive to demonstrate its potential and make its voice heard.