Our Work

Risk Index series

  • Client: Willis Towers Watson
  • Sector: Insurance
  • Project type: Research
  • Format: Multimedia

A multichannel execution of empirical research and editorial analysis to illuminate the risk environment, across key industry sectors, and position WTW as credible thought leaders

The insurance industry has increasingly become commoditised with insurers facing a fundamental challenge to achieve meaningful differentiation. This has led to a move away from a product based offering to a consultancy and risk management model, supporting the elevation of risk to a strategic issue.

To aid this repositioning, WTW commissioned Raconteur to undertake a series of global studies of c-suite sentiment to determine the risk landscape across their key industry sectors. The study combined both quantitative and qualitative survey. This was synthesised into a multimedia campaign, across print, digital and video, consisting of long-form editorial analysis and opinion, infographics and visual storytelling.

The multichannel execution delivered significant PR success and enabled WTW to define themselves as an authority on risk with existing and prospective clients.

The Project

The WTW risk index series was remarkable in both the quality of input and breadth of output.

Survey of 350 top executives and in-depth interview with 10 top industry leaders, for each sector, gave a level of insight unparalleled in the space. Perspective from this profile of individual was instrumental in gaining PR coverage and commanded the attention of WTW’s target audience of executives.

The multimedia characteristic of the indexes, which comprised of a 32-page hero print publication, animated infographic video, interactive infographic and 10-part blog series, enabled WTW to broaden their reach. They successfully engaged with clients using both on and offline channels, and boosted brand awareness and augmented their reputation as experts in the field.

WTW achieved further reach by translating the index into multiple international languages, including Chinese, Bahasa and Spanish.

The TMT Risk Index is a solid resource which will be used to engage clients and prospects in conversations in order to assist them in identifying their own risks and opportunities.  As a former technology company risk manager, I find this compilation of global megatrend and risk data extremely valuable and helpful for companies to stay abreast of industry challenges and ensure they are taking a broader view of their risk environment.

Karen Vogler, Chief Operating Officer, Technology, Media & Telecommunications, WillisTowersWatson

The TMT Risk Index has successfully filled an information gap for our clients and simultaneously offered Willis Towers Watson a direct (and reliable) channel of communication with our key customers. The TMT Risk Index provides engaging content: it is the right information, in the right format, for the right audience, at the right time, and impels its readers to act. It has driven deeper relationships between clients and Willis Towers Watson, and facilitated insight-led sales conversations with prospects, successfully filtering our intended audience through the sales cycle.

Nathan Hambrook-Skinner, Communications Director, WillisTowersWatson