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Our Work

Steps to Growth

  • Client: AIB (GB)
  • Sector: Commercial banking
  • Project type: Research and editorial
  • Format: Multimedia

A multichannel blend of proprietary research and editorial insight that’s building the brand’s credibility and attracting new customers

AIB (GB) specialises in helping owner-managed businesses (OMBs) across the UK achieve their financial goals. The bank wanted to get the attention of this niche target market, and at the same time to gain insight into the growth ambitions and banking habits of their prospective clients.

Raconteur developed Steps to Growth: a multi-channel campaign based on a bespoke research survey of 300 owner-managers across seven key sectors. The survey revealed which regions and sectors are the most ambitious, their views on Brexit and how they measure growth.

The survey results acted as a springboard for the wider content campaign, which comprised two bespoke publications, a microsite and two animated videos.

The Project

The survey results for Steps to Growth proved to be highly illuminating – both for AIB’s prospective customer base and for AIB to better serve their existing customers.

In addition to the proprietary research, Raconteur conducted interviews with both Sir Digby Jones and Sir Vince Cable who added another level of credibility to the report and insightful perspectives on the UK’s business climate.

We launched both Steps to Growth: Ambition and Steps to Growth: Barriers as printed reports and created a microsite and animated video for the overall campaign. The editorial is packed with expert tips and advice, and case studies from owner-managed businesses. It empowers and motivates readers to plan for business growth. Of course, it also highlights the value of AIB’s expertise, driving loyalty and business value.

AIB plans to continue the Steps to Growth campaign annually, with the aim to compare the results year-on-year.