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The Value of Change Management

  • Client: Google
  • Sector: Professional services
  • Project type: Research
  • Format: Print

A bespoke research report designed to persuade the C-suite to invest in change management

Google for Work implements cloud-based apps in companies around the world, but the technology is only successful if users have been trained properly. Google’s objective with this report was to spread awareness to the C-suite about the tangible ROI of change management, and also to uncover best practices to help them to improve their service offering.

Raconteur surveyed 300 C-suites from leading organisations around the world to get a better understanding of boardroom attitudes and experiences with change management. We then created a series of editorial articles around the results.

The final product is a piece of original research that Google uses as both a sales tool and to help refine their change management program. They also broke up the report and used the individual articles as blog posts and on their social channels.

The Project

The report had to be globally applicable and sector agnostic, so we tailored our research to match Google’s target markets, speaking to C-Suites across 11 countries and from 5 different industries. Raconteur then analysed the results to find key themes and interesting points in the data that we then used to shape the editorial of the report. To add more life and colour to the data we also spoke to some of Google’s partners, who offered first-hand stories about their change management experiences.

Raconteur designed the report to be simple and playful – true to the Google brand. This approach allowed the data results to jump off the page, and the individual graphics were also used widely online to promote the report.

This puts some real quantifiable data behind why our best practices are recommended. A great discussion report to be shared during deployment planning

Sus, Accenture (Google Partner who uses the report while helping companies switch to Google Apps)