Driving Britain’s Growth 2017 cover
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Driving Britain’s Growth 2017

  • Client: DWF
  • Sector: Legal
  • Project type: Research
  • Format: Print & video

An in-depth research report detailing why the UK’s transport infrastructure is essential to the UK’s biggest industries, and therefore essential to the overall economy.

DWF is an international legal business that wanted to gain valuable insight for their clients across retail, logistics, manufacturing, utilities and construction about how much they rely on the UK’s transport infrastructure and how their needs are evolving.

Raconteur surveyed 180 C-suite executives from across these industries within the UK, getting their take on everything from the impact of Brexit to how emerging transport technology will enable their businesses.

Qualitative interviews were also included throughout the report to add another layer of insight to the findings. Together with the quantitative data these formed an insightful, engaging report of interest to each of the five sectors and to the transport industry overall.

Raconteur also created an animated video to accompany the report, bringing the findings to life and allowing them to reach a much wider audience.